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User Stories

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Saved by Joey Guerra
on April 1, 2010 at 5:36:57 pm

This page is a collection of user stories around the idea of a decentralized social networking system. I haven't thought about sharing data across social networks like sending a Tweet to a Facebook user. But I imagine that might be a user story here.

  1. As a father of 2 kids, I want to share a photo I took of them at the park with my mom so she can experience the fun we had there.
  2. As a web developer, I want my own website to post articles and get feedback and/or comments from others to expand my knowledge for that topic.
  3. As a Software Engineer, I want my own website to show my career background and skill set to attract potential employers.
  4. As a husband, I want to share my location with my wife so she knows where to find me throughout the day.
  5. As a Twitter user, I want to send a Tweet to my wife on her Facebook account so I don't have to create a Facebook account just to send her a message. 

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