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W3C Workshop on the Future of Social Networking

Extended Deadline: Nov 20 Dec 3, 2008

Submit: team-msnws-submit@w3.org

The W3C has put out a call for position papers related to the future of social networking. It would be excellent if the DiSo Project could assemble a series of papers related to the core components of the project, and collaborate on articulating a clear vision for where we see social networking going, and how the technologies that we are facilitating will hopefully bring that future to us more quickly.

If you're interested in writing or contributing to a position paper, please list yourself here with your area of interest. Feel free to use this wiki as a collaborative environment for writing your paper.


Name Willing to author? Topic
Chris Messina Y
  • Identity
  • Activity/action networks
  • The Open Stack
Elias Bizannes Y
Ian Kennedy Y

Friending, Following, Avatars and Userpics. A survey of verbs and nouns used across social networks.

Chris, this may or may not overlap with research you've done on action verbs.

Joseph Holsten Y
  • Trust & Reputation
  • Identity-centric services (i.e. xrds, microformats, rdf discovery)
George Fletcher Y
Marc Canter Y

The Open Mesh is a metaphor we can use to inter-connect different 'open stacks', semi-open stacks, closed meshes and other platforms into an enviornment where end-users can freely move and control their profile data, social garphs and content.  Though chaotic in nature, this environment will acknowledge and allow small to medium sized software vendors to participate at a level playing field with the major platforms. 

I've written a book and started a wiki and I blog about this and related subjects at Marc.blogs.it. 

More specifically two recent posts on OpenID and its future.


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Joseph A P Holsten said

at 7:15 am on Apr 3, 2010

Should we remove the link to this from the front page? Are there events DiSo when might want to publish papers in the future?

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