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Other kinds of Actions

Page history last edited by Chris Messina 11 years, 10 months ago

As I've now read over the current notes on Activity Streams and Activity stream verbs - I'd like to point out other 'verbs' which aren't covered in your current notes and which wiould be prime for "inter-connecting" between social networks.  I assume this is something the DiSO project would be interested in.

DiSO should be able to be used by other social networks - to gateway their user's profile data, social graphs and content to any DiSO enabled social network.  IMHO.

The following verbs are about interoperability, not dataportability.

Send a Message - it would be nice to be able to have one of those private social network 'InBox messages' systems - send messages to InBoxes in otehr systems.  These Messages would only be allowed through pre-tunneled 'access' rights, but if a facebook user wanted to send a message to a MySpace - they be able to. 

Create or Join a Group - I'm anxious ot hear your thoughts on hwo to aggregate or somehow create Groups which woudl shadow each other on different systems.  So if I created a group on DiSO called 'Reggae' it would be able to 'bond' with a Reggae group on facebook or MySpace.  Uploads, messages, posts, streams, or social graphs could then be synchronzied and updated between systems - and kept in sync.  I call these 'meta-groups'.

Synchronize accounts - I haven't seen this note anywhere - so I'll throw it out, as a concept that all would support, and implement in their own way.  But clearly keeping disparate accounts in sync is a lo-level verb that almopst all systems will provide.  So we shoudl think about how to abstract that to teh pint where at least one synchronizer woudl call a data source and say "last update xx/yy/zzz - any changes?"  Are there anys tandards for taht kind of stuff - yet? 

Auto-invite = is a verb which we're gonna be using allot.  User goes to their social graph (which may be internal or come from a number of different sources) and decides to send out an invite to any/or/all of them.  They select the invite list and bam - auto-invite the list.

Add a Friend, establish a relationship - any thought gone into friending between systems?  If we believe that people will maintain memberships on mor ethan one system (as I do) then it bears the reason that one might wants to establish frienships across systems. 

Comment on something, Rate something - these are actions which one might want to aggregate and keep track of ALL my comments or ratings I've done, across a wide range fo systems.  So the action of commenting or rating (or reviewing for that matter or creating events) must be a verb which can then be aggregated.  Event created and Review created verbs are a natural.

I'm also a strong believer in supporting the meta-weblog API or nowadays Atom and enabling users to be able to post something externally into a system.  So Route a post becomes a key verb.

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