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= Activity Streams =

Structure Verbs Feeds Flow

* Unstructured (twitter status)

* Media Item (posted a photo, video, etc)

* Action-based (read this, viewed this, added friend, etc)

* Comment (pointing at another item)

Subject, Verb, Object, Context

Kevin Posted Photo Flickr


== Payload? ==

Producer expresses the relevant metadata and the consumer site interprets this and display it.

Could have a nice default rendering from a site.

Template is separated from activity so that consumers can choose a template to use.

Need a template format. Do we require a template, or can people push unstructured data?

Snippet vs. full version?

Atom structure:

* Title

* Summary

* Content (can be out of band)

== How does OpenSocial do this? ==

Plaxo uses FriendConnect. They lose the original site and think everything came from FriendConnect.

Consumer needs favicon, etc which is currently missing.

Problems with how we deal with backchannel pushes into feeds.

Sites like dig can't justify pushing to many (consumer, user) pairs

Orthogonal things:

* Schema for presenting the data

* A way to format the data

* How the connection is initiated

* Different ways the data can flow

activity-streams on Google Groups


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