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Page history last edited by Chris Messina 11 years, 3 months ago

There is an interesting possibility for using machine tags for activities.


  • given that strict parsers tend to throw out stuff they don't recognize, and machine tags, encapsulated in ATOM category elements, would maintain their fidelity over time
  • they're fairly easy to compose and parse
  • they're compatible with both RSS and ATOM
  • Flickr is using them in very interesting and innovative ways
  • very low barrier to adoption


  • as Martin has pointed out, they're not really way that feed parsers "do things"
  • they're pretty nerdy
  • if consumers are not aware of machine tags, they might output them to user interfaces, which would be, I guess, ugly
  • how many machine tags are sufficient? could people do overboard?


Though the schema is not currently final, you can imagine that the activity stream machine tag schema could be: actor, verb, object-type, object, indirect-object, context, via, label



  • activity:actor=Chris
  • activity:verb=post
  • activity:object-type=photo
  • activity:object=http://brightkite.com/objects/94ae3d02c79a11dd8e6e003048c0801e
  • activity:indirect-object=Brynn
  • activity:context=Amazon.com
  • activity:via=SMS
  • activity:label=tweeted


<category term="activity:actor=factoryjoe" scheme="http://activitystrea.ms/schema/1.0/#actor"/>

<category term="activity:object-type=photo" scheme="http://activitystrea.ms/schema/1.0/#object-type"/>

<category term="activity:verb=post" scheme="http://activitystrea.ms/schema/1.0/#verb"/> 

<category term="upcoming:event=1406525" scheme="http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/" />

<category term="facebook:event=42187661781" scheme="http://www.facebook.com"/>


<media:category scheme="http://activitystrea.ms/schema/1.0/"> activity:actor=factoryjoe activity:object-type=photo activity:verb=post </media:category>

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