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  • checked in
  • posted a text message
  • posted a photo



  • posted a comment
  • added a note
  • added as a favorite
  • marked as a contact (unilateral)
  • added a tag

Get Satisfaction


  • started following
  • made a comment
  • replied to a (problem|idea|suggestion)
  • shared an idea
  • asked a question
  • marked reply as useful


Source. Example.

  • is now connected with (bilateral)
  • joined the group
  • recommends
  • (status update)
  • has a new profile photo
  • has an updated profile

Windows Live (Microsoft)

Example feed.

Documentation exists somewhere; see also: blog entry series on "What's New" update types at http://bit.ly/aboutwn

  • WL blogs
    • added a blog entry
    • commented on someone else's blog entry
    • commented on thier own blog entry
  • WL photos
    • added photo(s) to an album
    • commented on a photo
    • tagged someone in a photo
    • was tagged by someone in a photo
    • tagged themselves in a photo
  • WL documents (SkyDrive)
    • shared a file (singular)
    • shared files (plural)
    • commented on a file
  • WL shared favorites
    • shared a favorite
    • commented on a favorite
  • WL lists
    • added a book to a list
    • added a song to a list
    • added a movie to a list
    • added an item to a list
  • WL favorite things
    • added a book to favorite books
    • added an artist to favorite music
    • added a movie to favorite movies
  • // TO DO: Finish updating
  • updated status
  • posted a note on someone's profile



Needs documentation. --Chris



Needs documentation. --Chris



Needs documentation. --Chris


Example. Blog post.

  • marked (bookmarked)
  • added [bookmark] to group
  • started following (unilateral)



Needs documentation. --Chris


Example. ScreenshotDocumentation.

  • You have made new Connections (relationship)
  • You are planning a new trip, just returning from a trip or about to leave on a trip
  • [Actor] is planning a trip to [Location].
  • [Actor]  is returning from a trip to [Location].
  • [Actor] installed the [TripIt Application in LinkedIn].
  • [Actor] made changes to [Trip Name].
  • [Actor] is about to leave on a trip to [Location].


  • wrote on [person]'s wall
  • commented on [person]'s [photo|status]
  • commented on [his|her|their] own [photo|status]
  • changed [his|her|their] profile picture
  • was tagged in the album [album]
  • [is?] [status]
  • is attending [event]
  • and [person] are now friends [via the People You May Know tool?] (bilateral)
  • joined the group [group]
  • Installed an application:

    Facebook | install activity

... and various application-specific terms from third parties.

Beacon verbs (the list of verbs originally used with Beacon)

  • buy: User bought thing on website.
  • wish_list: User added thing to their wishlist on website.
  • queue: User added thing to their queue on website.
  • sign_up: User signed up for thing on website.
  • bid: User bid on thing on website.
  • review: User reviewed thing on website.
  • add: User added thing on website.
  • book: User booked thing on website.
  • comment: User commented on thing on website.
  • create: User created thing on website.
  • design: User designed thing at website.
  • download: User downloaded thing from website.
  • find: User found thing on website.
  • fly: User flew to thing with website.
  • get: User got thing on website.
  • join: User joined thing on website.
  • play: User played thing on website.
  • rate: User rated thing on website.
  • rent: User rented thing at website.
  • shop: User shopped for thing on website.
  • stay: User stayed at thing with website.
  • subscribe: User subscribed to thing on website.
  • support: User supported thing with website.
  • update: User updated thing at website.
  • view: User viewed thing on website.
  • vote: User voted for thing on website.
  • watch: User watched thing at website.
  • enjoy: User enjoyed thing at website.
  • order: User ordered thing at website.
  • list: User listed thing on website.




  • and [user] are now friends (bilateral)
  • loved [artist] - [track]
  • left [artist|track|user] a shout
  • tagged [artist|track] with [tag]
  • left a deleted group
  • is attending [event]
  • updated [his|her|their] profile


  • [user] uploaded [image] to [artist]'s images
  • [user] added [artist] to their library
  • [user] tagged [artist] with ‘[tag]’



Property  Code  Jscript (JSON)  FML   XML 
Date  var.LogDate  var.LogDate      ../items/entry/logDate
Type  var.Type  var.Type      ../items/entry/type 
Ucid  var.Ucid  var.Ucid      ../items/entry/ucid 
Title  var.Title  var.Title      ../items/entry/title 
  •  /feeds/people/0{user_ucid}/activity/‐/{event_type}/…/{event_type}/?start‐index={startIndex}&max‐results={maxResults}
  • {user_ucid} is mandatory and it should follow ‘0’.
  • {event_type} – an optional parameter, can be specified multiple times; used to filter the returned data; can take the following values 
    • CreatedContent
    • CommentedOnContent
    • AddedContentToFeed
    • RatedGainRatingContent
    • RatedFiveStarContent
    • RatedThumbContent
    • GuestBookEntry
    • UpdatedProfile
    • JoinedCommunity
    • AddedFriend
    • ChangedPhoto
    • SharedContent
    • SharedContentOnExternalCommunity
    • SharedContentOnEmail

Default event types are:

  • AddedFriend 
  • ChangedPhoto 
  • CommentedOnContent 
  • CreatedContent 
  • GuestBookEntry 
  • JoinedCommunity 
  • UpdatedProfile 
  • RatedGainRatingContent 
  • RatedFiveStarContent
  • RatedThumbContent. 


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