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On Upcoming


Citizen Space 

425 2nd St

San Francisco, CA



  • Jonathan Dugan, Matson Systems/LegalTorrents
  • Chris Messina, DiSo/Vidoop
  • Will Norris, DiSo/Vidoop
  • Ejan, previously of Cyworld

By phone:

Random Notes

  • du-duping
  • people want their content out there in different places
  • exposing people to new 
  • replace the current opensocial activity stream spec


  • RSS-sharing...
  • user should have some control over revocation... propagating changes... caching policies
  • when stuff is deleted on myspace -- how is that propagated elsewhere?
  • how do we get activity streams into XRDS?
  • personal "beacon"
  • internationalization
  • need schemas


  • social object orientated activity stream
  • objects, actors each would have XRDS-profile their activity stream endpoint + auth...
  • use the XRDS types... 
  • no one will agree on verbs
  • "sally posted a message about [indirect object]"
  • we're not supporting types, we're supporting services which define their own types


  • does the actor need a type? optional types on verbs and objects...



Audio recording of the event.

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